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Here Are 11 Best Stretches And Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Back

best way to strengthen lower back

The shooting pain from inside your lower back is something that most of us have experienced. Almost all the people after a certain age have come across this unbearable pain. It is caused due to a muscle strain or ligament sprain that happens when one does an improper lifting, not keeping correct posture if your body doesn’t have regular exercise, arthritis, or ruptured disc. Most of the time, the lower back pain goes away with two or three weeks of rest. Physiotherapy can help in minimizing the pain and get the muscles back in action. This article will provide you with 11 Best Stretches and Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back so that you can keep the muscles on your back strong.

 Stretches and exercises to strengthen your lower back

An idle body is prone to all kinds of ailments. The pain on the lower back can be due to several reasons, but if you give your body the exercise it needs to keep fit; you can get strong muscles and keep all the pain at bay. Let’s get into some of the stretches and exercises to keep your lower back muscles strong and healthy.

Child pose

This is a traditional yoga stretch that helps relieve pain and tension along your spine, neck, and shoulders. It has a relaxing effect on your body and helps in loosening up the tight muscles on the lower back. This also helps in making your back muscles flexible and getting proper blood circulation along the spine.

Knee to chest stretch

This stretch instantly relaxes your hips, thighs, and glutes and works as an overall relaxation for the entire body.

Piriformis stretch

This stretch is great for your Piriformis muscle that is found deep inside your buttocks. The stretching of this muscle helps relieve the tension on your buttock as well as your lower back

Seated spinal twist

This is a simple classic twist that helps strengthen your hips, glutes, and back. This stretch can also stimulate your internal organs.

The above are the first four of the 11 Best Stretches and Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back. The next in the lot are a few exercises that can help you strengthen your lower back muscles:

Pelvic tilt

This strengthens your abdominal muscles and relieves pain and tightness on your lower back. This also benefits your glutes and hamstrings

Cat cow stretch

This exercise acts as a wakeup call to your spine, and this stretch is beneficial for the shoulders, neck, and chest.

Sphinx stretch

These are baby stretches are gentle backbend exercises that help in strengthening the spine, buttocks, and spine

While doing the above exercises, always make sure that you are not overstraining your body. Because if you do, it may have a negative impact, so always make your body as comfortable as possible while doing these stretches and exercises.

Your lower back muscles are very important; your daily activities depend on it, like walking, running, or just sitting, so it is always to keep it in good condition so that you can go about your daily routine without any problem. The 11 Best Stretches and Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back being discussed here are very good for strong lower back muscles, and it also benefits the body as a whole. So indulge in these simple exercises daily and keep your lower back pain at bay.

Partial crunches

This mild exercise strengthens your stomach muscles as well as your lower back muscles; this is also ideal for people with spondylosis.

Wall sits

This is very beneficial when it comes to low back pain. It strengthens your back muscles and also relieves the pain.

Hamstring stretches 

These stretches are a good addition to your daily stretches and exercises for your lower back. It relieves the tension from your leg and back muscle

Bird dog

This exercise can help your lower back get back to action. It also helps in easing the lower back pain. This helps stabilize the low back during the movements of arms and legs. 

Make it a routine

Including all these 11 Best stretches and Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back in your daily routine workout can give excellent results and make your lower back muscles strong and ready for everyday pressures. Being active is the key to having a good and healthy body; it keeps us from getting unwanted aches and pains and also keeps us away from having serious health issues.

If you are prone to lower back pain, a routine that focuses on strengthening and stretching the abdominal core muscles can help reduce the pain and also make your lower back muscle more strong. 

Symptoms that tell you to be careful

Sometimes it comes without warning, but sometimes it gives you signals like stiffness on the backside, numb pain while sitting or getting up. Don’t ignore these signs; it may lead to acute lower back pain in the future. So when you get warning signals, it’s better not to overstrain your body. Rest for a few days till these signals are gone and then start your workouts again.

 Common causes for lower back pain

  • Improper handling of things like lifting any weight suddenly
  • Excessive reaching out and stretching your back too much
  • Long hours of sitting
  • Obesity
  • If you are very tall
  • Physical jobs that give strain to your back
  • Accidents

Rest is an important thing when suffering from lower back pain. Because sometimes, it is a simple stretching of the muscle that causes the pain, and a few days rest can heal you. But it is not that simple always; pain on your lower back can be a signal of something being wrong internally. So if you are prone to these backaches, it is better to get a doctor’s advice and act accordingly.

Some other forms of exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles

Other than the 11 Best stretches and Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back, here are some of the other types of simple exercises that can help you gain lower back strength are given below: 


Yoga can also help you with your back pain. Now that the whole world is getting interested in this form of simple exercises, a good trainer can help you with your yoga routine. This not only gives you better health, but it also relaxes your mind. 

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are also good for your whole body; it keeps you active and rejuvenated. This whole-body exercise can help strengthen your lower back muscle. 

Swimming or water exercises

These types of exercises are simple as well as entertaining. You can go for daily swims that help with your whole body work out. A good instructor can help you with simple water workouts that can give great results. 


The simplest form of exercise is also very effective. Daily walks can be a great way to pump up your body and get the tense muscles the relief it needs. 

The bottom line

Almost all people experience lower back pain at some stage of their life. This can be due to some injury or sloppy actions of the body. But sometimes lower back pain can be of serious concern and can be a symptom of a serious underlying health condition. So if the lower back pain is intense and there is no relief even after 72 hours, then it’s time to consult a doctor and get his advice.

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